Day in the life of a student

Hi, I’m Katie…

I am in the first year of a two year Business and Enterprise course at the college. The course really stood out for me when I visited the open day in October as the perfect choice because of the wide variety of units that are covered.

Our work isn’t just report based assignments, as a class we have planned and organised events as part of our project days with the sport students. This has allowed us to see the process through from beginning to end. We have had to liaise with other departments within the college in order to carry out tasks, such as marketing, in order to create promotional resources. Within many of our units, group and individual presentations have been a way for us to meet the assignment criteria while also constantly improving our confidence, helping to share ideas and assisting in our public speaking.

In my first week at college, the entire faculty went camping for 3 days on a boot camp style experience. This was a great opportunity to make new friends, bond with students on other courses, and get to know the tutors and performance managers.

In the future, I want to work within the business industry. I am still unsure on what specific area, but by choosing this course I have gained an insight into all the options available. After I have completed my two year course I hope to progress onto an apprenticeship.

Overview of my week

On Monday, I start at 9:30am for an hour core lesson with my performance manager. This lesson covers different units each week about general life. Monday is also our project day, which means that we work alongside another course.

I begin my Tuesday at 11am with an assignment workshop. I then have independent study until my final lesson with our course leader in the afternoon.

A typical Wednesday consists of two assignment workshops involving a 30 minute tutorial with our lecturer to cover any issues that I might have. At 1:30pm, we have enrichment which is an additional activity everyone has to partake in to broaden our knowledge outside of our course. This can include a sporting activity or a professional session such as event management.

Thursday begins at 9am session with our lecturer. The rest of the day is for independent study.

Friday is our independent study day. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure we are on top of all our assignments and projects.