Full time courses

Full time Courses

Our full-time courses, designed specifically for 16-19 year-olds, are a vocational alternative to other forms of learning, such as A levels. They are suitable for anyone and students come from all sorts of backgrounds – some students may already hold qualifications, whilst others haven’t engaged with education at all yet. This is what makes college so accessible.

The practical skills and industry knowledge that you develop at college are essential for entering the world of employment, or for going on to further study. Our facilities replicate the working world so that you gain real hands-on experience, whether it is in our hairdressing salons, science laboratories, or in our engineering workshops.

Studying at Abingdon & Witney College goes much further than just your course though. There are an amazing range of trips, visits and other activities to get involved with, support for developing English and Maths GCSEs and work experience opportunities to help guide you into the world of employment.

Start your search for your future career today.

Work out which level is right for you

Before deciding on a course, you need to work out which level is right for you. Your level is based on your current qualifications and you don’t necessarily need to start at Level 1. Click here for our Level Information table.


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