Apprenticeship FAQs

Apprenticeship FAQs

What will an Apprentice study?

Apprentices will study a number of individual qualifications as part of their Apprenticeship.  These include:

  • A competence based qualification such as an NVQ
  • A knowledge based qualification such as a BTEC or City & Guilds certificate
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

When the Apprentice successfully achieves all these components they are awarded the Apprenticeship framework relevant to their chosen area of employment.

How long will an Apprenticeship take?

Depending on the job role, delivery method and previous experience of the Apprentice the programme could take 1 – 2 years.

How are Apprenticeships delivered?

Apprenticeships are mostly delivered in the workplace. Some qualifications involve classroom delivery and this can take place at College or on employer premises. The College offers a range of day release, block release and 1:1 tuition options to suit the needs of employers and Apprentices alike.

How much will an Apprenticeship cost?

All course fees associated with Apprenticeships are paid by the employer. Training for 16 – 18 year old learners is free. The College will subsidise training for Apprentices over 19 years old. Course fees paid by the employer will vary but are likely to be in the region of £500 – £1000 depending on the qualification.

Does an Apprentice need to be employed?

Yes. Apprentices need to be in employment for a minimum of 30 hours per week and should be paid the national minimum wage appropriate to their age group. For 16 – 18 year old Apprentices this is £3.70 per hour. Employers can pay more than the minimum wage if they wish to and many organisations do choose to pay more.