Abingdon & Witney College apprentice joins the conversation on loneliness

    Oxford University apprentice joins RSA panel discussion on loneliness in an event to be held on 25th September

    Business Administration apprentice Sam Jones is joining the panel at a forthcoming event: What is the glue that drives human connection? How can local communities be nudged to aid the younger generation who are statistically the loneliest?

    Ask most people and they’d probably say that those over 75 years of age are among the loneliest people in the UK today and yet a recent survey reported they account for 27% in comparison to 40% of 16-24 year olds. Should we be concerned?

    In a society bombarded with online content; especially social media, technology and artificial intelligence (AI) designed to improve our lives, how is it that loneliness has been recognised as one of the UKs most dangerous health issues? Have we become too disconnected and where does responsibility for human connection start and end? What can local communities do to combat loneliness and achieve sustained change through the use of digital tools/techniques, education & business initiatives. Could advances in AI be part of the solution or will they add to the problem?

    “I first had the pleasure of meeting Sam Lloyd Jones as his Abingdon & Witney College tutor when he chose to do an apprenticeship with Oxford University rather than go straight to university to study. Sam is pro-AI and I’m delighted he’s joined the panel of this event, especially as we’re looking at the impact of technology on loneliness in the younger generation”, said Tracey Lee.

    Sam will be joined by local entrepreneur Renee Watson, noted on Melinda Gates’ list of six women in STEM to watch, Elizabeth Frost (Head of Campus Experience, Abingdon & Witney College), and Helen Le Brocq. The panel will be expertly facilitated by Peter Russell. Please register to attend this free event 25th September and add your voice to this important conversation: #Loneliness #MentalHealth #Connection #Community #AI

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